Harlem, New York
2873 Broadway
New York, NY 10025
Satisfy your craving for froyo at West Harlem?s PINKBERRY. This frozen yogurt shop has taking New York, New York by storm, serving up healthy desserts for every occasion. Pile on the fresh fruit or sinful toppings with your favorite frozen yogurt flavor.

Pinkberry Froyo: Fresh Ingredients, Delicious Taste January 24, 2017

Harlem, Manhattan
Pinkberry Froyo: Fresh Ingredients, Delicious Taste, Manhattan, New York

Pinkberry, home to some of the best frozen yogurt in the nation, is known for their high standards of quality. Every flavor, from smoothies to froyo, is handcrafted using authentic ingredients to give you a bold, delicious frozen treat.   

Only the Freshest, Simplest Ingredients

When it comes to frozen yogurt, froyoPinkberry lives by the motto “tastes good, is good.” Their fruit flavors, for example, use traditional and exotic fruits that are fresh, never frozen, canned, or stored in syrup. Each creation also uses a refreshing base, either milk or a coconut-based substitute and can be swirled with any one of Pinkberry’s unique toppings. Each serving also contains protein as well as live and active cultures that promote healthy digestion and give you energy throughout the day.

Taste the Difference at Your Local Pinkberry!

Visit your nearest Pinkberry to sample their fresh frozen yogurt and froyo smoothies for yourself. For a more detailed overview of their nutritional statement, check out their website.