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Richmond Dentist Discusses Unusual Ways to Boost Oral Health January 26, 2017

Richmond, Madison
Richmond Dentist Discusses Unusual Ways to Boost Oral Health , Richmond, Kentucky

Do you know how to reduce gum puffiness and help cavities in your teeth heal themselves? Making a few unusual changes in your habits can boost your oral health. Mark Stephens DMD, an experienced dentist with a popular family dentistry practice in Richmond, KY, discusses steps you can take to create a healthier environment in your mouth.  

Consider these tips to improve your oral health and make your visits to the dentist easier and more enjoyable.

  • Dietary Supplements: Adding Vitamin D to your diet helps support the healing of cavities. For a supplement that’s high in helpful nutrients incluing Vitamins A, D, and K, use a fermented cod liver oil and butter blend.
  • Changes In Diet: Limiting the amounts of naturally starchy or sweet foods, such as sweet potatoes and certain fruits can help restore tooth and gum health. dentist Richmond KYReduce your intake of foods containing phytic acid, such as nuts, beans, and grains to help your body absorb nutrients more effectively. Eat more mineral-rich meats, vegetables, and bone broths. For cooking and seasoning, use healthy fats, such as cultured pasture butter and unrefined organic virgin coconut oil. 
  • Hormone Balancing: The body’s hormone levels determine the levels of acid and alkaline in the mouth. When your hormone levels are balanced, your is better equipped to ward off disease and promote healing. Eating right, getting enough exercise and sleep, and reducing stress all help restore hormonal balance and a healthy mouth. 

Mark Stephens DMD is a pain-free dentist your whole family can count on to help keep everyone’s teeth, gums, and mouth clean and healthy. Whether you need an emergency dentist to repair a cracked tooth or dental crown, or a want a regularly scheduled dental cleaning, this friendly family dentistry office will meet your needs with professional efficiency and kindness. 

Get started on improving your oral health today. Call (859) 626-0069 for an appointment with a dentist at Mark Stephens DMD, in Richmond, KY. Visit the website to learn more, and follow this family dentistry practice on Twitter.

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