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3 Business Insurance Tips From Mid-Alliance Insurance Associates February 20, 2017

Lincoln, Lancaster
3 Business Insurance Tips From Mid-Alliance Insurance Associates, Lincoln, Nebraska

Every business, no matter how large or small, is susceptible to risks, from both natural disasters and the actions of other people. Your homeowner policy provides minimal coverage for business personal property at your residence and excludes liability for business pursuits. We recommend purchasing a commercial insurance policy for all home business exposures. Some examples of a home business include, but are not limited to, home sales, childcare services, senior care, babysitting, bookeeping, jewelry sales and beauty product sales.

By operating a business from their home individuals are subjecting their assets from an uninsured loss. Some of the most common losses are fire, theft, storm damage, hacking and liability. Some home businesses invite their customers into their home and other businesses actually go to the home of their clients. Each of these creates liability exposures that are not covered under your homeowner personal liability policy.

Our clients who are operating home businesses need to review with us any changes to their business exposures on an ongoing basis. The personal porperty that your business owns may vary as your business grows. In addition, changes to how your business operates may add additional liability exposures that need to be reviewed. We need to emphasize the importance of protecting your personal assets from the risk of lawsuits against you because of legal actions against your business.

The team of experts at Mid-Alliance Insurance Associates understands that every business is unique, with specific insurance needs. To see their full list of business insurance services, visit their website now, or make an appointment and request a free quote by calling their offices at (402)421-7800 today.


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