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Winter skin care tips from Lia Schorr November 27, 2013

Midtown East, Manhattan
Winter skin care tips from Lia Schorr, Manhattan, New York

Winter is an active time of year. With skiing, skating, snowmobiling, snowball fights it can take a toll on your skin. Here are some “cold facts” from Lia Schorr to help keep your skin healthy to allow you make the most of this sporting season.

Leave Hibernation to the Bears!

  • Make sure you get at least eight hours of rest before going out to do any sport-the body tends to get more run down in extreme temperatures.
  • Do not exercise indoors before exercising outdoors. Do your warm up and stretches outside, where your body temperature can stabilize with the environment.
  • When the air is cold, the body reacts by sending warm blood to the surface-to keep you warm. Capillaries, the tiniest blood transporters, can burst as a result of extreme temperature changes-or poor skin care-because of the force of rushing blood. The converse is also true. Coming in from the cold to a warm room expands the blood vessels. For the sake of your capillaries, splash your face with cool water after you’ve come in from the cold, gradually increasing the temperature of the water.
  • Do not bathe or wash your face in the half-hour prior to going out into the cold. your skin loves water, but water that has moisturized your face in your warm home will chap the skin when the cold air hits it.
  • Wear sunglasses while skiing to cut down on “snow shine.” Plus, the dark lenses help prevent small lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

The Wind Question

  • The wind is stronger than the sun; a windburn takes longer to heal than a sunburn.
  • Wind in combination with the snow, sleet or rain can really damage the skin that’s not well moisturized.
  • The wind that rips through mountainous regions are stronger than the winds that ripple over plains and valleys. Skiers, take note.

The Winter Face - His

  • Don’t shave before skiing- it will aid the wind in burning your skin as well as dry it out.
  • Use an electric shaver-it’s easier on the skin.
  • Use mild, non-alcohol based skin products.

The Winter Face – Hers

  • Double up on everything: two coats of moisturizer, two coats of eye cream, two coats lip gloss. Wait five minutes between applications.

Facial Exercises

  • For the mouth and cheeks. Purse lips and fill cheeks with air. Place 3 fingers on each cheek. Push fingers in without letting air out. Hold for 30 seconds and slowly let air out. Repeat 10 times.
  • For the whole face. Open mouth as wide as possible. Open eyes wide. Hold for 5 seconds. Repeat 5 times.
  • For the neck. Lie down with arms at sides, legs straight and together. Slowly raise head and neck. Stretch neck outward and upward. Lower slowly. Repeat 10 times. Sit up, back straight. Twist head slowly, from side to side, keeping chin up and neck stretched. Repeat 10 times.

Above all else make sure you refresh and reinvigorate your skin during the winter months.Lia Schorr Day Spa offers a wide variety of spa treatments, and is now offer a valentine promotion, as well as a 'Be My Valentine' special.