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Shoddy Car Suspension? 5 Signs The System May Need Repairs January 25, 2017

Hilo, Hawaii
Shoddy Car Suspension? 5 Signs The System May Need Repairs , Hilo, Hawaii

If you’re able to drive with smooth steering ability despite bumpy road conditions, you can thank your vehicle’s suspension. The inner workings of this important system help tires and brakes work at optimum levels. When the suspension breaks down, turn to Automotive Supply Center in Hilo, HI, for the right engine repair parts to get your vehicle back in top shape.

How can you tell if your car or truck’s suspension needs repair? Pay attention to the following warning signs:

  • Excessive Bounce: You can use a simple trick to determine whether your vehicle should be inspected by a technician. Push down on the hood of your vehicle; if you notice it bounces more than three times, take it to your mechanic.
  • suspensionUneven Tire Tread: Examine the tread on your tires to spot signs of uneven wear. If one side is more worn than another, it could mean the suspension system isn’t distributing weight to the tires evenly.
  • Bumpy Drive: A rough or bumpy ride while driving may also signal the suspension is on its last legs. The drive should be smooth on pavement, barring any potholes and other bad road conditions.
  • Old Shocks: The shocks assist in controlling the wheel’s movement, and they need certain lubrication to help maintain the suspension. Inspect your shocks — typically found behind the wheels — for any oil leaks, which is a clear sign they need a replacement.
  • Low Corners: Even if your tires are filled with the appropriate amount of air, some sides of the vehicle might still dip low. A worn-out suspension system might be the culprit for the unevenness.

If your suspension system is in need of repairs, rely on Automotive Supply Center to locate the exact parts needed to get it back on track. Call them at (808) 935-3767 to inquire about their large inventory of suspension and other engine repair parts. Visit their website for more information on a variety of car supplies.

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