Bulls Head, New York
2187 Richmond Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10314
Seeing a doctor when you’re not feeling well should be easy. Simple as that. At City MD, we make sure that our patients receive efficient, friendly, high quality service from our talented team of medical professionals. Our highly trained staff takes the time to give the right diagnosis, get all your questions answered, and ensure you are equipped with the aftercare that you need. If you are in the Staten Island area, keep your eyes peeled for a new center heading to your neighborhood in 2014.

CityMD Urgent Care Delivers High Quality Medical Care to NYC September 17, 2014

Bulls Head, Staten Island
CityMD Urgent Care Delivers High Quality Medical Care to NYC, Staten Island, New York

If you ask the team of dedicated medical professionals at CityMD what we believe our overarching philosophy is, it would be this:

Seeing a doctor when you’re sick should be easy. Simple as that.

When you’re sick, you already feel miserable enough -- having to run around finding a doctor to see you, then sitting in the waiting room for what feels like forever, just to get a rushed appointment in is not going to make you feel any better.

We want to make your medical care experience as easy as possible.

That’s why at CityMD Urgent Care we value convenience, high quality patient care, and superior medical expertise. With several locations throughout New York, we are always within arm’s reach when you need us. Our friendly, highly trained staff uses top-of-the-line technology and efficient medical record-keeping to give you an efficient, pain-free experience.

Some of the urgent care injuries and illnesses we treat include:

  • -Urinary Tract Infections
  • -STD & HIV Screening
  • -Immunizations and Vaccinations
  • -Broken Bones
  • -Minor Fractures
  • -Congestion and Upper Respiratory Infections
  • -Cough, Cold and Flu
  • -Nose Bleeds
  • -Migraines
  • -Bronchitis
  • -Dehydration Requiring UV Fluids
  • -Minor Burns
  • -Allergic Reactions

And much, much more!

When you meet with CityMD’s highly trained medical physicians, you can expect an excellent bedside manner coupled with an informed diagnosis and answers to all of your questions. You’ll be in and out of our center and back on your feet before you know it! For more information, visit us online at http://www.citymd.com/. We look forward to treating you!