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3 Advantages Clear Window Film Offers When Installed in Your Home January 25, 2017

Culver-Winton-Main, Rochester
3 Advantages Clear Window Film Offers When Installed in Your Home, Rochester, New York

While most people know the benefits of having their car windows tinted, not many realize the advantages of installing clear window film in their home. From limiting the heat that enters or escapes your house to reducing sun exposure, it enhances your home life in many ways. The professionals at Healthy Glass in Rochester, NY, offer high-quality window film installation and will explain its beneficial properties.

3 Ways Clear Window Film Helps Your Home 

Lowers Electric Bills

When the windows of your home or business have even a thin layer of film, it’s extra protection that makes it harder for your heating or air conditioning to escape. The added insulation can lower your energy bills.

Stops Furniture From Fading

Window film Rochester NYInstalling clear window film in your home can help furniture and carpeting remain vibrant without reducing the level of natural light in your rooms. Much like window tinting, clear film reduces the damaging effects of the sun to limit fading. That means you’ll have to replace pricey home furnishings less often.

Protects Health

Besides protecting your furniture and flooring from sun damage, a layer of clear window film also will keep harmful ultraviolet rays from affecting you and your family. This will reduce your risk of sunburns and skin cancer as well as eye discomfort from glare.

If you want to experience these benefits of clear window film in your home, call Healthy Glass at (585) 402-9224. Visit them online for more information about their range of window treatments, from reflective window film to retractable awnings.