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Senior Care 101: 5 Tips to Prevent Loved Ones From Slipping & Falling January 30, 2017

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Senior Care 101: 5 Tips to Prevent Loved Ones From Slipping & Falling , Atmore, Alabama

Studies show about 25% of Americans over 65 suffer a fall each year, and this risk only increases with age. Whether it’s due to vision loss, medications, or loss of coordination, the elderly are increasingly susceptible to injuries like broken bones, hip fractures, and even concussions. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to help protect the seniors in your life. Today, the senior care providers from Candlelight Compassions in Foley, AL, will explain how to help your loved one prevent a potentially disastrous fall.

5 Senior Care Tips for Preventing Falls

1. Talk to Your Loved One

If you truly want to help prevent your loved one from falling, you need to have a serious discussion about the matter. Ask them if they’ve ever fallen or if they worry about it happening. You should also inquire about their last eye checkup and medical visit. To diminish the risk of falling, maintaining optimal health is vital.  

2. Pay Attention

senior careIs your loved one grabbing onto walls or furniture to get around? If so, it’s definitely time to refer them to a doctor or physical therapist who can help.

3. Wear the Right Footwear

Seniors should wear strong, sturdy shoes that have plenty of traction. They should fit well and not be too worn. Take care to ensure your loved one is wearing the right support.

4. Employ Assistive Devices

Raised toilet seats, grab bars in the tub, and non-slip treads can help make any home less hazardous. Some seniors may also benefit from using a cane or another assisted walking device. Make sure your loved one visits a doctor who can assess their needs.

5. Assess the Environment

Scope out your loved one’s home for signs of danger. Boost the lighting in the house, add railings on all stairways, and consider installing a shower chair or hand-held shower. If your loved one is still struggling, it’s time to consider employing a caregiver who can offer support at all times. 

To learn more about helping your elderly loved one live well, contact Foley’s top home health care service. Call Candlelight Compassions today at (251) 359-0562 or visit the website for more information about their senior care services.

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