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Why You Need to Bring Your 1-year-old to a Kids’ Dentist January 25, 2017

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Why You Need to Bring Your 1-year-old to a Kids’ Dentist , Manchester, Connecticut

As soon as you spot the first nub of tooth emerging in your baby’s mouth, it’s time to head to the dentist. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, you need to visit a kids’ dentist for a checkup as soon as your baby’s first tooth begins to grow, or no later than 12 months of age. Manchester, CT’s favorite family dentist, Dr. Tris J. Carta, explains why.

Some parents think primary teeth are not important since they eventually fall out anyway; this couldn’t be further from the truth. Since the health of your child’s baby teeth will affect the health and development of adult teeth down the road, early dental care is vital. As soon as your baby’s primary teeth begin to grow, they are already susceptible to decay and even cavities. By practicing healthy dental care early on, you can keep your child cavity-free and their teeth in proper alignment.

kids dentistYour child’s first dental visit is about more than just teeth. The kids’ dentist will gently examine the teeth, bite, gums, jaw, and oral tissues to ensure everything is developing as it should. If necessary, X-rays may be taken. Your dentist can also provide you with tips and tricks for properly caring for your baby’s oral health at home. From soothing your baby’s teething pain to brushing, there’s plenty of helpful advice your dentist can share with you. 

By visiting a friendly kids’ dentist, your child will become more comfortable at the dentist later on in life. You can also avoid complications that may require costly or extensive dental work to correct. Studies show that instilling healthy habits early on helps promote a lifetime of healthy, luminous smiles.

If your baby’s first tooth is growing in, schedule an appointment at a trusted children’s dentistry. To set up your child’s first visit, call the office of Dr. Tris J. Carta today at (860) 646­-2251. For more information, check out the practice’s website

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