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Why Hire a Piano Mover? January 25, 2017

Maplewood, Rochester
Why Hire a Piano Mover? , Rochester, New York

Pianos are meaningful, musical treasures that are beloved by owners and guests alike. Regardless of how much yours costs, if you have a big move ahead, you want to keep it protected. Before calling your friends over and attempting to move it yourself, there are a few smart reasons to consider hiring a professional piano mover. Today, the movers from Becker Movers in Rochester, NY, will explain what you need to know.

piano moverPianos can easily weigh more than 500 pounds. Even when you’re splitting that weight between a couple of friends, there’s a lot that can go wrong if you’re not prepared. Pianos are more than just heavy; they’re also irregularly shaped and extremely difficult to efficiently move. Some models including the studio upright, console, and spinet can be moved without dismantling them. Other models may need to be carefully deconstructed, with each part wrapped and in special protective materials.

Typically, a professional piano mover will use a dolly to transport the instrument to the truck. When it comes to staircases, the piano will be placed on a sturdy board and carefully slid down each step. These professionals understand that they’re not just moving a sofa or a mattress—they’re moving an invaluable piece of art.

When it comes to moving your piano, don’t take chances. The highly trained experts from Becker Movers want to help you with all your moving needs, no matter how big or small. To learn more about how these piano movers can help you, call (585) 458-5480 or visit the website

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