Chelsea, New York
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Charlie Chews handmade, all natural dog treats are the healthy & organic alternative to processed dog biscuits. All ingredients are locally sourced and the gourmet dog treats are handmade in Tribeca.

Treat Your Dog To All-Natural Nuggets From Charlie Chews in Tribeca September 22, 2014

Chelsea, Manhattan
Treat Your Dog To All-Natural Nuggets From Charlie Chews in Tribeca, Manhattan, New York

Searching for a healthier alternative to dog treats that are packed full of chemicals and preservatives? Try Charlie Chews! These locally made delights are organic dog treats, created without chemicals, food coloring, preservatives, or by-products. Based out of Tribeca, this dog treats company guarantees that every order is shipped within 48 hours and was made in the last five days. It doesn’t really get fresher than that!

"Nuggets" are a very popular treat at Charlie Chews. They're ideal for training because they’re small and won’t leave a mess in your pocket when you're teaching your pooch important commands and adorable tricks. Furthermore, they are made of natural, human-grade ingredients, so they make the perfect guilt-free snack for your dog at any time of day. And if you carry them around on your walks, it’s likely that neighborhood pups will start dragging their owners in your direction!

The nuggets come in five flavors: Grass Fed Cow Heart, Grass Fed Beef Liver, Free Range Venison, Free Range Chicken, and a special vegan flavor--Organic PB & Apple Mint-- that is now available. A famous restaurateur actually serves the same free-range chicken used by Charlie Chews, so you can be sure that it is of exceptional quality! The key ingredients are a combination of rolled oats, wheat flour, carrots, parsley, H2O, and low salt nitrate-free bacon. The vegan flavor, made separately, includes barley flour, rice flour, mint, apple, carrot, H2O, and organic peanut butter.

These five flavors are also available in different sizes and shapes, including Tiny Bones, Small Bones, and Medium Bones. They also make Limited Edition holiday-themed treats for Valentine's Day, July 4th, and Christmas!

Wondering where to buy these tasty dog biscuits? Visit Charlie Chews online to find delicious organic dog treats near you, and to purchase them online! For more information, contact the company by calling (212) 244-BARK* (2275) .