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Personal Program For Any Fitness Goal From Excel LifeStyle November 26, 2013

Red Hook, Brooklyn
Personal Program For Any Fitness Goal From Excel LifeStyle, Brooklyn, New York

Excel Lifestyle's mission is to improve the lives of all clients, and to help anyone achieve their fitness goals. Maintaining a healthy body and mind requires both diligence and perseverance, and thus requires an all-encompassing approach. Health and fitness is not a generic practice; it requires a specific program for specific needs. Wellness is not limited to merely going to a gym, and Excel Lifestyle provides guidance and training to help anyone achieve their fitness dreams.

Working with multiple factors and a variety of training styles, Excel Lifestyle creates a perfectly molded plan to fit anyone’s schedule. Whether your goals are to lose weight, gain muscle, or create a more toned and defined body, Excel Lifestyle can customize a personal training regiment that works for you. Amalgamating multiple training styles allows one to push past plateaus and keep workouts dynamic and challenging. Excel Lifestyle uses kettle bells, traditional olympic weights, TRX, high-tempo calisthenics, body weight exercises, and integrated barbell workouts, which creates a fusion of effective and intense exercises that cater to anyone’s strength and fitness level.

Excel Lifestyle also provides nutritional consulting and meal planning. As any experienced trainer will tell you, diet is the most important factor in health and fitness. Providing one’s body with the right fuel is key to achieving a healthy body and mind. Excel Lifestyle compiles information from various dietitians, catering to specific dietary needs and restrictions.

Excel Lifestyle can provide an effective fitness plan for anyone looking to become healthier. Featuring a multitude of tools, exercises and experiences, Excel Lifestyle can help you achieve your goals to become the best version of yourself.