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Helping Your Child Develop Strong Study Skills to Improve Their Grades February 16, 2017

Cambrian Park, Santa Clara County
Helping Your Child Develop Strong Study Skills to Improve Their Grades, Cambrian Park, California

Now is an ideal time to rethink priorities and set goals. Consider your role in your children's educational success. As a leading home tutoring service in San Jose, CA we, at Study Wizards Tutoring, recommend setting a resolution to help your children develop stronger study skills this year.

Like any other academic skill, studying must be learned. To get started, we recommend teaching children to set a calendar. Get your child a daily planner or create checklists and show them how to write the due dates for all upcoming assignments. To make it easier to schedule it may be helpful to write each subject in a different color, i.e., studying math in blue. Once you show your child how to make their own schedule and calendar, they'll be able to keep up with their own homework and feel like they're in control when they are preparing to study for tests. Further, this will give them a sense of accomplishment.

Once they can visualize their upcoming assignments, your child will be ready to make a plan. Students with looming deadlines or upcoming exams might have the urge to cram, but research shows this is actually not a very effective strategy. Instead, have them allocate time for each upcoming assignment and test, with breaks in between each subject. Sitting down with a plan will eliminate a lot of the stress that can make so many students anxious and easily distracted.

If distraction is a problem, show your student how to employ a distraction pad. Give your student a marker board or pad of paper. Anytime they're distracted by a thought or urge while studying, have them write it down instead. When they're done, they can tackle all of the distractions. Over time, this approach can help your student develop the focus it takes to excel academically.

If you're unsure how to help your student succeed or if you wish additional help, our home tutoring experts at Study Wizards Tutoring have the educational expertise and experience to help your students develop the study skills they'll need to excel throughout their academic careers. To learn more about our home tutoring services including Math, English, Chemistry, Physics, Test Prep and more - visit us at or call (408) 883-8660 today for a free consultation.