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Frozen Yogurt vs. Sorbet: Maggie Moo’s Explains the Difference January 17, 2017

Grand Chute, Outagamie
Frozen Yogurt vs. Sorbet: Maggie Moo’s Explains the Difference, Grand Chute, Wisconsin

Do you consider yourself a dessert connoisseur? If you do, you ought to know the difference between frozen yogurt and sorbet. While they are both delicious, Maggie Moo’s scoopers explain, these frozen treats are not created equal.

Frozen Yogurt vs. Sorbet

There is not one difference between sorbetthese two desserts, but rather a handful. The first lies in the texture. While froyo has a creamy consistency, sorbet has an icy one. Frozen yogurt also has fewer calories than sorbet, on average, and depending on which of Maggie Moo’s unlimited mix-ins you add to each creation. Frozen yogurt is also full of probiotics and active cultures that aid in digestion. Sorbet, on the other hand, contains nearly 70-80% real fruit, making it a safe, dairy-free treat for those with lactose intolerance.  

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