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5 Preschool Activities to Help Kids Develop Fine Motor Skills January 30, 2017

New York, New York
5 Preschool Activities to Help Kids Develop Fine Motor Skills, New York, New York

Helping a child develop fine motor skills is one of the best ways to set them on the path to success. At FasTracKids, an educational enrichment program for children, the staff focuses on making learning fun through a variety of preschool activities. With locations throughout New York City, FasTracKids offers a groundbreaking alternative to traditional educational systems.

The goal of building fine motor skills is to help children develop functional use of the muscles that control their hands and fingers. Only then can they complete common schoolroom tasks, such as writing, coloring, and cutting. There are many preschool activities devoted specifically to improving motor skills, including:

  • New York City, NY preschool activitiesBlocks: A staple in classrooms everywhere, blocks offer children a fun and colorful opportunity to improve their motor skills and coordination. Ask them to create towers or shapes to make it even more challenging.
  • Gluing Beans: Supply children with a jar of beans, a bottle of glue, paper, and a pencil. After they draw something simple on the paper (such as a stick figure), they can glue the beans onto the pencil markings. Lifting small items, like beans, is an excellent way to improve the use of their fingers.
  • Lifting Beads: An excellent way to build overall fine motor skills is by lifting small items, such as beads or seeds, with a pair of tweezers. Provide children with several plastic cups, into which they can sort each type of bead or seed by type.
  • Play With Hardware: A few nuts and bolts go a long way in helping children with hand coordination and movement. Simply have them twist the nuts into the bolts—finding the correct sizes will also improve their powers of deduction.
  • Hang Clothespins: It’s a simple household item, but the humble clothespin is also an excellent tool to use during select preschool activities. Kids are provided a small stack of fabric patches (or doll clothing), which they grab with the clothespin and affix to a piece of string.

The enrichment program at FasTracKids is designed to instill a sense of confidence and a love of learning all at once. Kids benefit from more than just fun preschool activities; they also receive reading and math help and can participate in valuable after-school programs. For more information on the program, visit the website.