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Weave & Extensions Care: 3 Tips for Keeping Them Beautiful During Winter January 19, 2017

East Flatbush, Brooklyn
Weave & Extensions Care: 3 Tips for Keeping Them Beautiful During Winter, Brooklyn, New York

Winter is notoriously rough on skin and hair because it acts as a moisture vampire. However, there are ways to keep your weave or hair extensions looking beautiful no matter how harsh the weather gets. If you spend a little more time on your hair, you'll ensure its health all season.

3 Tips For Weave & Extensions Care In Winter

1.Use A Deep Conditioner

Apply deep conditioner to your weave or hair extensions once a week to keep them in great shape, and use regular conditioner daily to maintain the sleek look during cold weather. Choose a conditioner that is rich, thick, and includes ingredients like humectants and essential fatty acids. Apply conditioner 2 inches from the scalp and work down to the ends. Do not use conditioner on your weave roots, as they tend to trap oil.

2. Apply Oil Treatments

Prevent dry, dull winter hair with natural hair extensions Brooklyn NYoils. Apply olive, coconut, or safflower oil to the bottom of your weave or hair extensions and work your way up, but take care not to get it on your roots. Apply a little and add more as needed to avoid weighing down your hair.

3. Avoid Alcohol-Based & Heat Styling Products

Stay away from drying hair products, such as those with an alcohol base, during winter. Read the labels before purchasing gels, sprays, or other styling products to keep tresses healthy and beautiful. Limit how often you blow-dry your hair and use other heat styling tools to prevent dryness.

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