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5 Ways To Choose an Excellent Restaurant January 19, 2017

Frankford, Sussex
5 Ways To Choose an Excellent Restaurant, Frankford, New Jersey

Let’s face it. Customers today have more choices than ever when eating out, and picking a restaurant is often done with little thought. In fact, eating at the same restaurants can become routine, but with a little consideration, you can elevate your family’s dining experience to something fun, tasty, and unique.

The Chatterbox Drive-In on State Highway 15 in Augusta, NJ, is one example of a destination restaurant not-to-miss. By considering certain factors when picking a restaurant, your choices could lead you to discover it and other new and exciting dining options.

Top Five Ways to Choose a Restaurant

The Food

Diners obviously crave different foods at different times, but if a restaurant’s menu consists of bland or ordinary offerings, you can be left with a bad taste in your mouth—and a pricey bill. Browsing a restaurant’s menu online is an easy way to determine if something sounds good enough to try. The Chatterbox Drive-In features a large menu with burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, seafood, salads, and more.

RestaurantThe Service

Customer service is key to enjoying a meal out. If the food is terrific, but you’re slow to be served, have an inattentive waiter, or can’t get refills on drinks when you need them, you’re likely to sum it all up to a bad experience. That’s why many restaurants such as The Chatterbox Drive-In take extra care to make sure their customer’s experience is always as good as their food.

Their Reputation

Of course, the best way to determine if a restaurant’s food and customer service is good without first trying it is to consider their reputation.  Checking review sites such as can give you a reliable impression of what to expect before you visit.

The Atmosphere

Many restaurants are similar, so finding one that offers a fun and unique atmosphere can make your dining experience more enjoyable. For example, The Chatterbox Drive-In is a 50s- and 60s-themed restaurant adorned with antique cars and classic movie posters, and always playing themed music. People are known to travel across several states for a fun and family-friendly night out there.

The Cost

It’s not uncommon to dine at a restaurant and leave feeling like you paid more than the meal was worth. A good way to gauge this beforehand is to consider the menu and compare prices to other similar restaurants. At The Chatterbox Drive-In, prices are competitive and affordable, and the taste will leave you with the feeling you got fantastic value for your money.

If you’re looking for a unique themed restaurant to try, take a ride down State Highway 15 to The Chatterbox Drive-In for lunch or dinner. View their menu online or call (973) 300-2300 to ask about special events.