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How to Select the Best Heat Pump for Your Home January 19, 2017

Cincinnati, Hamilton
How to Select the Best Heat Pump for Your Home, Cincinnati, Ohio

Heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular among Cincinnati residents in search of alternatives to traditional heating and cooling systems. Despite how effective these systems can be, it’s important to choose your new heat pump wisely. To this end, the expert techs at the Osterwisch Company suggest keeping the following information in mind when considering new heating and cooling systems.

Pay Attention to Size

The size of your home will play a significant role in selecting a heat pump. A unit that is too small will offer an insufficient heating ability and, as a result, incur higher costs since the unit will be running constantly. Conversely, a unit that is too large can cause hot and cold spots throughout your home. Proper sizing must be established by a skilled contractor who will visit your home and determine the power necessary.

Consider Installation Costs

Heat PumpYou should also factor installation costs into the total price of purchasing a unit. While you may save money by cutting back on installation expenses, these costs often crop up later if the unit fails. Instead, listen to your contractor’s recommendations on what constitutes a quality installation.

Know Your Current System

The specs of your current system are another important consideration. For instance, some homes contain one outdoor heating and cooling unit, while others have a split unit that is situated both inside and outside. In this case, the heat pump you select will need to accommodate your current set up. Additionally, if you end up opting for a system with interior and exterior components, you’ll need to ensure you have room within your home for the interior unit.

With more than 70 years spent providing a full range of services to Cincinnati, the Osterwisch Company can address problems with plumbing systems, offer energy efficient heating solutions, and overhaul your home’s existing electrical wiring. Discuss your specific needs by calling (513) 791-3282 today. You can also visit them online for more information about heating and air conditioning options.  

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