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Healthcare Networking Group Explains How Private Practice Team Building Works January 24, 2017

Midtown East, Manhattan
Healthcare Networking Group Explains How Private Practice Team Building Works, Manhattan, New York

If you want to build leadership skills within your facility, Metro Collaborative – Practice Success in New York, NY, offers a private practice team building retreat that will teach clinicians and business owners alike how to improve the operations of their office. Their healthcare networking group invites you to join them on this journey to become a better leader and form a more cohesive team.

private practice team buildingThis private practice team building retreat takes advantage of the natural beauty of the Dominican Republic to offer your partners a break from the stress of the work environment. Over the course of the week, the highly trained and skilled team will coach participants on leadership skills, strategic decision-making, and the importance of the work-life balance. By encouraging everyone to engage in meaningful conversations about key problems in the healthcare field, leaders will leave the retreat with a better understanding of themselves and their unique role in your firm.

Since the private practice team building retreat is focused on the work-life balance, attendees will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of healthy activities like yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises. Additionally, everyone will have a chance to take part in their choice of Zumba, hiking, snorkeling, bicycling, and other outdoor activities. Whether you want to allow your staff to bring their partners or family members is up to you, depending on your organization’s goals. 

Taking advantage of these private practice team building opportunities with Metro Collaborative – Practice Success will allow your business to improve their approach to healthcare. To learn more about the retreat, contact the event organizers at (609) 876-9163. Visit them online to read about the daily schedule, philosophy, and topics to be discussed. 

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