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YOUR OB IS HERE January 11, 2017

Advanced OB-GYN Services
January 11, 2017 10:15AM - February 11, 2017 10:15AM
YOUR OB IS HERE, St. Peters, Missouri


Knowledge about your pregnancy is empowering.

Have you ever had questions about pregnancy?

Have you had concerns about your health?

Do you plan to get pregnant?

Are you ready?

Dr. Joseph Hazan OB Gyn board certified

who has delivered over six thousand

babies, wants to help you.

Your questions about getting pregnant can

be answered.

Once you're pregnant, he will help every

step of the way.

Your pregnancy and delivery is a happy

experience when you know more.

This knowledge gives you confidence.

You can chose Mercy, De Paul, Progress

West, Missouri Baptist as your hospital.

You can have an enjoyable pregnancy,

delivery and a wonderful healthy baby.

Call 314.291.2140 or 636.928.1800

Today to schedule your appointment

and see Dr. Joseph Hazan soon.



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