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Houses for Sale: Red Flags You Should Never Ignore January 16, 2017

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Houses for Sale: Red Flags You Should Never Ignore, Port Jervis, New York

When looking at houses for sale, it’s easy to focus on the aesthetic of the home. While the appearance of a potential home should certainly be one aspect of your decision, there are less obvious factors that should play an important role, too. The real estate brokers at ERA Meloi Realty have been serving Port Jervis, NY, residents for years, and now they share some of red flags you shouldn’t ignore when deciding on a property.

Here are few things you shouldn’t ignore when viewing houses for sale:

  • Houses for SalePoor School District Rating: The rating of the school district associated with the home is an important factor for several reasons. A highly rated district is important if you have (or plan to have) children, but it’s also important for the resale value of the home. Many families will buy a house based on the school district it’s in, so if your home is in a low-ranked district, you could have a harder time selling your home in the future.
  • Risky Location: While the location of a home can be appealing in good weather, it can become a problem in bad weather. For instance, homes located in low-lying areas or near a body of water have the potential to experience flooding. Such locations can cause devastating damage to the home, as well as extremely high insurance rates.
  • Inconvenient Layout: Many homes have features that can be remodeled to meet your needs, but not every home can undergo the necessary renovations. For example, you may want to turn a small kitchen and cramped living room into a large open-concept space by removing a wall. It seems like a minor fix, but if that dividing wall is load-bearing, then it can’t be removed. This situation would leave you stuck with a layout that doesn’t meet your needs.

These issues can be avoided by searching for houses with the help of qualified professionals like the real estate agents at ERA Meloi Realty. These experts have a keen understanding of what qualifies as a red flag when looking at houses for sale. Give ERA Meloi Realty a call to schedule an appointment at (845)856-4492, or visit their website to view the listings in the Tri-State area.

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