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Well Maintenance Tips: How to Keep Your Well From Freezing January 17, 2017

Marion, Marion
Well Maintenance Tips: How to Keep Your Well From Freezing, Marion, Ohio

If you rely on a well for your home water supply, you may have more responsibilities to take care of come wintertime. If you don’t take preventative measures, harsh seasonal temperatures can wreak havoc on your home’s most vital modern convenience. Fortunately, the well maintenance experts at Ellsworth Well & Pump of Marion, OH, have compiled a handy guide to keep your system from freezing this winter.

How to Winter-Proof Your Well

Insulate Exposed Pipes

well maintenanceFirst, find any exposed well pipes located outdoors. Measure the exposed sections and head to the hardware store to pick up the appropriate amount of foam pipe insulation and heat tape. Then, wrap the exposed pipe sections with the insulation. If you’re unable to get to the store before a cold front or need to save on costs, use old sweatshirts instead. Just ensure there are at least two layers of fabric around every section of the pipe.

Cover the Well

Once the pipes are insulated, cover the well itself. You can buy a fiberglass well house or build one with bricks. If you need to be frugal, wrap a trash can in make-shift insulation (more sweatshirts, if you have them). Place a second trash can on top of the insulated one, then cover the well with the whole contraption.

Install a Heat Lamp

By using a UL-certified extension cable made to withstand the elements, you can place a heat lamp inside the well house or trash can cover. On a regular basis, check that the bulb is lit and not heating your well too harshly.

If you have further questions about winterizing your well or are interested in reliable well maintenance, call Ellsworth Well & Pump in Marion, OH, at (740) 225-5925. You can also visit the website to learn more about their full range of well installation services.

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