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Proto's Pizza Serves East Villages Favorite Specialty Pies November 25, 2013

Bowery, Manhattan
Proto's Pizza Serves East Villages Favorite Specialty Pies, Manhattan, New York

With pizzerias inhabiting almost every corner of every block in New York City, you may find it surprisingly difficult finding yourself a decent slice from a specialty pie. Of course, not all pizzas are created equal, and Proto’s Pizza on the Lower East Side offers some of the best pizza in the city.

What separates Proto’s Pizza from other pizzerias in New York City is the careful and diligent care taken to provide a quality product with unyielding freshness and taste. Proto’s Pizza serves a variety of pies using only homemade dough. This ensures that their pizza always offers that same delicious taste. In addition, Proto’s Pizza serves their home-made marinara sauce, providing a bold and rich flavor every time.

Proto’s Pizza serves a Neapolitan style pizza using their slow-simmered sauce with a unique blend of fresh cheese. Proto’s serves a special Sicilian pie made from a unique combination of mozzarella, caramel onions, marinara sauce and fresh parmesan cheese.

Proto’s Pizza also creates crispy deep dish pizzas. Unlike traditional Chicago style pizza, which is doughy and very heavy, the Proto’s deep dish is crispy and light, and is served with an assortment of specialty toppings. These toppings are another homemade classic, and Proto’s offers a plethora of other favorites, such as buffalo honey glaze, artichoke spinach, BBQ, and Philly Cheese steak.

Proto’s Pizza has now introduced homemade lasagna and pan pies, offering guests a delicious twist on a New York favorite. If you are looking for an awesome slice of pizza among the myriad of pizzeria pretenders, check out Proto’s Pizza on the Lower East Side.