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5 Clues Your Driveway Paving Needs a Touch-Up, From NJ's Asphalt Pros January 18, 2017

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5 Clues Your Driveway Paving Needs a Touch-Up, From NJ's Asphalt Pros, Pine Lake Park, New Jersey

Homeowners invest in driveway paving because the materials used in the process typically last a long time. The experts at Budget Paving in Manchester, NJ, say asphalt can do its job on a driveway for almost 20 years, while concrete lasts 30 years on average. However, they recommend homeowners have their driveways repaved every 10 years, especially if they notice wear and tear. With routine touch-ups, your driveway can avoid more extensive damage that requires a full replacement.

5 Common Signs It’s Time For Driveway Paving


While small cracks in asphalt and concrete are typical, larger ones might grow longer and deeper over time, weakening the structure of your driveway.

driveway paving Manchester NJPotholes

When the soil underneath your driveway becomes weak or waterlogged, potholes can form. In addition to being bad for your car, these holes collect water that can freeze and create ice slicks.


Sun exposure and harsh weather eventually will fade or discolor your driveway, and leaking auto fluids also may cause appearance issues. Seal coating sometimes can restore the look of the paved surface, but driveway paving is the best solution in more severe situations.


Just like soil, concrete and asphalt are subject to erosion. If left untreated, the surface will continue to crumble. If you notice deteriorating edges, ask a paving contractor if driveway paving will fix the issue.

Drainage Problems

As driveways age and the underlying soil changes, pavement can become uneven and cause water to pool. Repaving often will level the driveway.

If you need driveway paving in Ocean County, NJ, and are looking for high-quality, affordable options, call Budget Paving at (908) 415-7398. They will be happy to discuss their services, including parking lot paving and snow removal.

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