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3 Reasons to Choose Professional Teeth Whitening Over DIY Treatments January 18, 2017

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3 Reasons to Choose Professional Teeth Whitening Over DIY Treatments, Bronx, New York

Although supermarket shelves are filled with DIY teeth whitening products, the dentists at Optimum Dental Care advise against them. Instead, the Bronx, NY-based dental care practice recommends professional whitening treatments to restore the brilliance of your pearly whites. They discuss a few reasons why getting your teeth whitened by an expert is much better than at-home options.

3 Reasons Professional Teeth Whitening Is Better Than DIY Methods

1. Quick Results

DIY products typically need to be used for a few months before they start showing any visible improvement in your teeth. On the other hand, teeth whitening sessions at a dental practice usually take only a single hour-long visit to produce quality results. An excellent example is Optimum Dental Care, which offers the most cutting-edge solutions to brighten your teeth in no time. Their use of a particular light source speeds up the brightening process, helping you attain a brilliant smile in one go.Teeth Whitening

2. Safe Treatments

Products designed for home use often contain harsh chemicals that can be counterproductive to your dental health. In comparison, professional tooth-whitening kits rely on gentle whitening products that are specially created with your safety in mind. The fact they are approved and administered by a qualified dental care expert further adds to their reliability. Count on an entirely painless and comfortable procedure anytime you set up a dental whitening appointment with the Bronx’s leading dentists.

3. Tailor-Made Solutions

Off-the-shelf teeth whitening solutions follow the “one size fits all” philosophy, which is why they fail to guarantee consistent results. Having your teeth professionally whitened gives you the assurance the services will be tailored to meet your requirements. Before the procedure, the dentists at Optimum Dental Care will determine the right shade to match your teeth. This allows them to decide the amount of bleaching product required to attain the perfect color.

With Optimum Dental Care at your service, you know your teeth whitening procedures are in the most capable hands. Set up an appointment with their dental specialists at (718) 671-2826 and visit their website to view their extensive list of services.

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