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Top 5 Benefits of Water Treatment Systems January 18, 2017

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Top 5 Benefits of Water Treatment Systems, Demorest, Georgia

The oft-used term, “wastewater,” refers to runoff from snow and rain, water from sinks and toilets, and other inconsumable sources. Water treatment systems serve to rid this discarded liquid of bacteria and make it suitable to use once more. Think of these systems as forms of recycling that utilize three treatments: primary, secondary, and tertiary.

Primary treatment removes large “articles” or pieces from the water, while secondary treatment removes foods, soap, human waste, and other small debris. Microorganisms are then added to absorb disease-causing bacteria. Tertiary treatment employs physical, chemical, and biological processes to provide additional purification.

Top 5 Benefits of a Water Treatment System

1. Self-Sustaining System

Water treatment systems are self-sustaining because they continuously purify wastewater to make it viable for residential and commercial use. According to a water treatment article from the SF Gate, only 3% of the world’s water supply is potable. Subsequently, water treatment systems are a sustainable way to reuse this essential liquid and make it available for future generations.

2. Removes Harmful Organisms & Bacteria

Functional water treatment systems eliminate disease-causing bacteria and other germs from wastewater to create a healthier world. They also prevent foul water from seeping into the ground and contaminating other drinking sources. This practice prevents both humans and animals from getting sick.

3. Job Creation

water treatment systemAnother amazing benefit of water treatment systems? They have the power to create jobs. In addition to processing tasks, employees are hired to conduct wastewater research. Water treatment systems also boost the economy through tourism, as people are more likely to visit green, natural areas with clean rivers, streams, and lakes.

4. Faster Breakdown of Solids

Today’s modern water treatment systems break down solids much more efficiently than their older, slower counterparts. System blockages and “desludging” are therefore less of an issue. There also boast a lower risk of groundwater and drainage field contamination.

5. Energy Production

Water treatment systems further their environmental efforts by promoting energy production. When biodegradable sludge—produced as a byproduct of the treatment process—is mixed with anaerobic bacteria and heat, methane is created. This methane is then “harvested” and burned to produce electricity.


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