Georgetown, Kentucky

10% Off Your First Purchase of FBX 2.0 SupplementsGeorgetown, Scott, Kentucky

Valid from January 10, 2017 to June 10, 2017
10% Off Your First Purchase of FBX 2.0 Supplements, Georgetown, Kentucky

Is your pre-workout supplement inadequate? If it has as stimulant-based formula, chances are it has. In reality, stimulants can counteract the effects of your pre-workout. Fortunately, Max Muscle Sports Nutrition has a solution, and it’s called FBX 2.0.  

10% Off Your First Purchase of FBX 2.0

Available in delicious flavors like grape supplementsand extreme orange, FBX 2.0 contains clinically validated doses of a variety of clean, effective ingredients like beta-alanine and L-glutamate. It delivers a clean energy boost, without the eventual crash that many pre-workout supplements cause. FBX 2.0 even delays the onset of muscle fatigue as well as supports energy production. If making the switch wasn’t easy enough, Max Muscle Sports Nutrition is also offering an exclusive 10% off your first purchase of the supplement.

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See the difference for yourself. Stop by your nearest fitness store today to stock up on FBX 2.0. For a complete product data sheet, visit their website.

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