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Are You Satisfied With "How It Is"? September 6, 2014

Highland Creek, Charlotte
Are You Satisfied With "How It Is"?, 1, Charlotte, North Carolina

Being happy and satisfied is a great state of being. However, most of us find that being at peace with the 'now' is not an easy spot to hang out in, in this stressed out world of 'more and better'. We are taught to strive, improve, achieve and succeed. We 'want' and 'need'. We overlook today as we look for what is coming next, what is expected and how to move to the next best thing. Whether we plan it or not, we clearly have cultural mindsets that interfere with valuing being at ease with 'how it is'.

And yet, to be fulfilled in the moment gives us a foundation from which to give thoughtful, mature consideration to where we are going in our life and how we are going to get there. It keeps us from acting in haste, fueled by discontent or desperation, conditions that often lead to poor judgment and faulty decisions. It helps us act calmly, from stability, not distracted by the urgency of meeting our own or others' expectations or by creating new circumstances without preparation.

Being satisfied or happy with what you have is a conscious decision, not something you stumbled on by chance. It is a product of self discipline and maturity to be content with your reality as it stands today. It is a condition of acceptance and appreciation. That acceptance doesn't mean everything is perfect and you are in your dreamed of circumstances. Nor does it mean you aren't looking forward and making plans to take the next step, when the time is right for you. It does mean, that as you rest in peace with the present, you can meet today's challenges with the full strength of the talents and abilities God has given you, with a positive outlook and confidence in yourself as you consider what life holds for you.

I think we have all had moments where we could take a deep breath and exhale with satisfaction and contentment. Learning to have those moments by choice, slowing down to 'smell the roses' in our life each day, understanding our role in the ups and downs of the day, all can be used effectively by each of us to create our own satisfaction and happiness as we travel this stressful and complicated world.

If you find yourself stressed out by your future nipping at your heels, urging you on when you are not ready, robbing you of the enjoyment of living each day for what it brings, come and explore ways to manage stress in you life more effectively. Call me at my Charlotte office at 704-770-7743 to arrange a consultation or schedule an appointment.

M. Leslie Owens, MSW, LCSW