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Discover the Difference Between Down & Down Alternative Comforters January 13, 2017

Mason, Warren
Discover the Difference Between Down & Down Alternative Comforters, Mason, Ohio

For many, a down comforter is an essential component of a comfortable bedroom. It’s cloud-like feel and unrivaled warmth fosters a sound, satisfying night’s sleep. However, if you are purchasing a down comforter at DOWNLITE for the very first time, it can be confusing to decide between a traditional down or down alternative comforter.

Here are a few facts to help you understand the difference between these two popular bedding options:

Down Comforters

comfortersDown is the light, fluffy coating found beneath the feathers of geese, ducks, and other types of waterfowl. Down comforters are filled with this material and, as such, are warmer than blankets stuffed with synthetic insulation. Since this material is lightweight and breathable, it makes an excellent bedding choice for every season.

Down Alternative Comforters

While down is not known to trigger allergic reactions, some lower quality brands can collect dust particles and allergens that could trigger an attack. If you can’t afford to purchase high-quality down, those with allergies can also opt for down alternative comforters.

This bedding uses synthetic fill fibers that mimic the feel and effects of natural down. However, down alternative comforters require more synthetic fill to achieve the same degree of warmth as natural alternatives. Unlike genuine down, which can last for decades, synthetic materials will gradually deteriorate over time—no matter how well they are taken care of.

With a clear grasp of the difference between these two options, you can make a confident and informed decision about your next cozy comforter. Start choosing the fill and style options for your down or down alternative comforter by visiting DOWNLITE online today. With premier name brands for bedding, they can help you find matching down pillows to complete your nightly paradise. Speak with someone directly about down bedding options by calling (866) 931-3696.