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End-of-Winter Flower Delivery: Buying & Caring Guide January 13, 2017

Hamden, New Haven County
End-of-Winter Flower Delivery: Buying & Caring Guide, Hamden, Connecticut

Although it might seem like frigid temperatures would freeze delicate posies, the team at Devine Orchid Florist knows winter weather actually prevents flowers from wilting and drying out. Their knowledge comes from more than 30 years of experience providing people throughout Hamden, CT, and the surrounding area with fast, affordable flower delivery service.

Below, Hamden’s premier florist shares tips for buying and caring for end-of-winter flower delivery:

  • What To Buy: Some flowers survive winter better than others. If you’re looking to brighten your home or office during the snowy season, opt for winter flowering plants that will last. A few great examples are daphne, lily of the valley, or winter rose. Because many florists can grow plants in controlled environments, roses, lilies, and other traditional spring and summer arrangements are also available if you’re looking for a short term investment.
  • flower deliveryImmediate Care: Flowers may look saggy right after you receive the shipment. To bring them back to life, trim away dead petals and clips off stem tips. Next, place the flowers in a vase with lukewarm water and flower food. The flowers should perk up in a few hours.
  • Long-Term Maintenance: Flowers won’t last forever, but there are several things you can do to make them last a long time. To keep flowers looking fresh, change the water daily and add more flower food. Trimming the stems every other day will also help keep flowers hydrated and ensure they receive an ample supply of nutrients.

Whether you need wedding flowers, gifts for friends, or just a special treat, the team at Devine Orchid Florist is standing by to help. The dedicated staff will create beautiful flower arrangements for any occasion. They also provide care tips to keep flowers looking fresh.

To schedule your free flower delivery in Cheshire, Hamden, North Haven, or New Haven, call (203) 535-1626 to speak with a friendly customer service representative. A $10 shipment fee is applied to other area cities. You can browse Devine Orchid Florist’s selection online and place orders through FTD and Teleflora. Don’t forget to like them on Facebook for updated news and announcements. 

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