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3 Creative Ways to Transform Your Space With Home Remodeling January 16, 2017

Middletown, Monmouth County
3 Creative Ways to Transform Your Space With Home Remodeling, Middletown, New Jersey

If your house doesn’t measure up to your dream home, don’t settle for disappointment! Home remodeling gives you the freedom to design a space that’s exactly what you want. All you’ll need is an idea and help from Devine Creations Design Center. Operating throughout Monmouth County, they’re one of New Jersey’s most-trusted contracting services, and they’re here to inspire your creativity.

Here are three unique ways you can transform your living space:

  • Add a Bathroom: It may end up being the smallest room in the house, but an extra bathroom will bring big changes to your household. You can say goodbye to shower schedules, and, according to Money Crashers, you’ll also get back 80%–130% of the cost if you decide to sell. Look around your home for an underutilized space like a storage closet or the area under the stairs. With a little creative thinking, you only need 18 square feet for a new half-bath.
  • Tackle Kitchen Remodeling: home remodelingWhether you’re a culinary master or stick to takeout, the kitchen is the heart of your home. As such, you need a kitchen that’s sleek, modern, and functional. You can keep your remodel simple with a new layer of paint or choose a new footprint and granite countertops to go all out. Personalize the space to meet your specific needs, and you’ll never want to leave.
  • Invest in Outdoor Living: Your living space doesn’t need to be confined to four walls and a ceiling. An outdoor addition, like a deck or patio, allows you to stretch your legs and enjoy the best of both worlds. The right deck design is a seamless transition from inside to outside—it will increase your property value and give you somewhere to relax. This home remodeling project is affordable and won’t take long to finish.

Before you get started on transforming your property, you’ll need to find the right contractor. Learn about how Devine Creations Design Center is the best in the business by checking out their website; when you’re ready to plan your next home remodeling project, call (732) 856-9661. You can also follow them on Facebook for more bath and kitchen design inspiration.

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