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Why Are Oil Changes so Important for Your Car?  January 17, 2017

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Why Are Oil Changes so Important for Your Car? , Honolulu, Hawaii

We all know we need to get regular oil changes, but how many of us know why? What does changing your engine oil do for your car, and why is it such an essential component of maintenance? This is one of the many services Honolulu, HI, residents turn to Fantastik Auto Repair for, and their helpful staff is here with a few tips on why it’s so important to get regular oil changes.

The Importance of Oil Changes

Oil changePreventing Metal-to-Metal Contact

Oil lubricates parts that would otherwise grind together and cause damage. Thanks to its viscosity, oil is able to flow through tight spaces and resist getting squeezed out in the process. Oil isn't able to prevent contact in the area of the piston rings, however, and the friction that results produces microscopic metal fragments that make their way into the oil.

Issues like this are the reason engine oil filters exist. While they remove impurities from the oil, they will eventually clog, leading to damaged oil that protects your engine less effectively.

Removing Dirty, Broken-Down Oil

With that in mind, it's a foregone conclusion that your oil will eventually become too contaminated to be effective. There's also the simple effects of heat and pressure over time, which will gradually cause your oil to break down, altering its viscosity. If your oil isn't up to the task, your engine will ultimately pay the price, so it's important to check for impurities and go in for an oil change on a regular basis. 

The best way to keep up with your oil's quality is to perform basic visual inspections and consult with a car maintenance expert. For the most reliable oil changes and more, you can depend on Fantastik Auto Repair. Call them at (808) 842-3777 to schedule an appointment today, and visit them online for more information on their services.

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