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Down Bedding & Blankets: 5 Steps to Help Your Guests Feel More at Home January 13, 2017

Mason, Warren
Down Bedding & Blankets: 5 Steps to Help Your Guests Feel More at Home , Mason, Ohio

One of the best ways to make your overnight guests feel at home is by giving them a space to call their own. Whether it’s a small suite in your finished basement or an upstairs guest bedroom with luxurious down bedding, there are many ways for homeowners to design an inviting space for their out-of-town visitors. If you’re having relatives or friends over for the weekend, take a minute to learn how you can create a welcoming atmosphere.

5 Tips For Creating The Ideal Guest Room

Provide Exquisite Down Bedding

Nothing provides instant comfort better than a collection of the finest down bedding. From full comforters to feather pillows, there are a variety of high-quality products to help your guests feel at home during their overnight stay.

Don’t Skimp On Layers

down beddingAlways supply your guests with a plush down comforter and a selection of blankets. If they’re used to a different indoor temperature than the one inside your home, it could be hard for them to sleep at night. To grant your guests full control over their climate, supply several blankets so they can add a layer or take one off at their convenience.

Supply Snacks & Drinks

No matter how much you mean it when you tell your guests to make themselves at home, it can be awkward to hunt through an unfamiliar kitchen for a drink or snack. Avoid this situation by supplying a variety of snack packs and bottled water in the guest room.

Set Aside Towels

down beddingA small pile of freshly laundered bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths is an excellent welcome gift for your visitors. Whether they’re tired from the trip or want to freshen up before dinner, they’ll be happy to find a towel ready and waiting.

Arrange Fresh Flowers

Nothing is more pleasantly inviting than a fresh bouquet of flowers. From a simple bunch of wildflowers to a professional arrangement, a vase of colorful blooms can brighten up a room and provide a personal touch.


As one of the leading manufacturers of top-quality bedding, DOWNLITE makes a point to supply their customers with the best materials the industry has to offer. When it comes time to freshen up the guest room, visit their website for a full list of products. Call (866) 931-3696 to speak with a friendly customer service specialist.