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3 Ways Private Boarding Schools Serve a Student Body of Diverse Learners May 4, 2017

Amenia, Dutchess
3 Ways Private Boarding Schools Serve a Student Body of Diverse Learners, Amenia, New York

Every child learns differently. Whether they have a language-based learning disability or just prefer a particular teaching style, children need a school that caters to their unique needs. One such facility is Maplebrook School, a private boarding school in Amenia, New York. Unlike most public schools, Maplebrook offers a comprehensive, individualized learning program, specifically designed to accommodate students with complex educational challenges.

3 Ways Maplebrook School Accommodates Their Diverse Learners

1. Creating a Support System

In public schools, students commute to the facility every day. In private boarding schools, on the other hand, students live and learn in the same environment. Therefore, they continue learning and discovering even after the final bell has rung. Maplebrook students also share this space with their teachers and fellow peers, allowing them to build a family-like support system lasting well beyond their high school years.

2. Fostering Independence

Private boarding schools teach more than literature and mathematics. They also instill fundamental skills like independence and self-esteem. Maplebrook School, for example, offers a unique program called RISE, or “Responsibility Increases Self-Esteem.” Every day, students have the opportunity to earn RISE points by completing tasks integral to both their classroom and community. The more points they receive, the more privileges and responsibilities they gain. Students also receive one-on-one mentoring with a teacher or administrator who tracks their progress and helps them reach new goals in the subsequent weeks.

3. Providing Structure

In any classroom, public or private boarding schoolprivate, structure is essential. Not only does it help teachers use class time more efficiently, but it also adds some predictability to the classroom, helping students focus on the material at hand rather than extraneous information. Because Maplebrook is a private boarding school, this sense of structure also extends into the students’ daily lives. Each child participates in academics as well as arts and athletics, thus teaching them how to balance both work and leisure. These extracurricular activities also introduce concepts like physical fitness and creativity.

If your child has a complex learning profile or language-based learning disability, enroll them in a school that recognizes their unique needs. To learn more about the individualized learning programs offered by Maplebrook School, call them at (845) 373-9511 or visit their website.