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Why You Should Keep Your Contact Info Updated With Your 24-Hour Bail Bond Agent January 12, 2017

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Why You Should Keep Your Contact Info Updated With Your 24-Hour Bail Bond Agent, Rocky Fork, Missouri

When you've been released on bail, it's in the best interest of both you and your bail bondsman to make all of your scheduled court appearances. To help you stay out of jail and keep you from paying the full amount of the bond, many 24-hour bail bond agencies will provide you with constant updates to make sure you know exactly what you need to do to stay out of jail. This is why Richard Cloud Bail Bonding, one of Columbia, MO's most trusted agencies, urges you to always update your contact info with your bail bondsman.

bail bondFor example, the judge presiding over your case might change the date of your expected court appearance. While you'll be sent a notification in the mail, these are often missed or misplaced, so your bail bondsman will likely reach out to make sure you're aware of the new date. Otherwise, you might miss your court date and wind up with a warrant over a simple, honest mistake.

If you do miss your court date, a 24-hour bail bond agent may be able to work with you and the judge to get the warrant taken care of without you being taken back into custody. However, they can usually only intervene if they can contact you quickly, which is why it's so important to make sure that your bail bond agent always has your most recent contact information on file. Otherwise, you could find yourself facing arrest in a situation that could have been easily avoided.

If you or a family member find yourself in police custody, Richard Cloud Bail Bonding has the expertise and prompt service to help secure your release as quickly as possible. When you need 24-hour bail bonds, visit their website, or call (573) 442-0078 today.

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