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Moving Out? 3 Key Reasons to Leave Your Piano to Professionals January 11, 2017

Sayler Park, Cincinnati
Moving Out? 3 Key Reasons to Leave Your Piano to Professionals, Cincinnati, Ohio

Whether you’ve opted for a grand, player, or upright piano, these mammoth instruments are a prized feature in any musician or collector’s home. However, if you’re moving out, you’ll need to entrust the piece to an experienced professional who can prevent damage to the instrument and eliminate the risk of personal injury. For more than 30 years, piano owners in Cincinnati, OH, have trusted Wayne And Family Moving to hoist and transport their pianos, even for long distance relocations. 

If you’re wondering why your piano is better off in the skilled hands of a moving professional, here are three key reasons:

  • Damage: Moving out of your home with a piano in tow and no proper training can lead to serious damage. Not only are these instruments massive, but their unusual shape also makes them awkward to maneuver. Hiring moving help reduces the risk of harm to your prized piano, saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars in the long run.
  • moving outValue: Depending on the size, brand, and age of your piano, its value may range from $3,000 to $100,000, making it one of the most valuable items in any home. Without the proper packing supplies and assistance, moving a piano will rattle its keys and dislodge its delicate inner workings. This may harm the performance quality of the instrument and decrease its value.
  • Injury: Moving out is no easy feat, and even a sofa can take a significant toll. Moving a piano requires a keen eye and professional know-how to handle its odd shape and overall weight of 500 pounds or more. When handled poorly, a small fall can cause severe injuries. 

If you’re moving out of a home or apartment in Cincinnati, OH, and could use some help with your piano, turn to Wayne And Family Moving. Visit them online to see how their services might benefit you, or call today at (513) 542-5436 for a free estimate.

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