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3 Takeaways From Adichie's Interview on Natural Hair Care January 11, 2017

Tylersville, West Chester
3 Takeaways From Adichie's Interview on Natural Hair Care, West Chester, Ohio

Everyone has an opinion on natural hair care and beauty, including feminist author and cosmetics model Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. She recently sat with NY Mag for an eye-opening interview on how African-American beauty relates to feminism, stating that those who think natural hair is unprofessional “aren’t necessarily malicious,” and that feminism and femininity are anything but mutually exclusive.

Her influence in the realm of beauty and inspiring outlook on the future of natural hair care and makeup make this one of the Treasured Locks team’s favorite articles of the season. It’s inspired a few key takeaways of their own: 

1. Hair Is Multi-Dimensional 

We most often think of hair as aesthetic, but it’s also a reflection of our desires, cultural backgrounds, dreams, judgments, and insecurities. While we may scoff at someone’s hairstyle or misunderstand their look, it’s important to see hair as a construct for developing understanding and encouraging authenticity. 

2. natural-hair-careEveryone Has Bad Hair Days

Even the new face of Boots No. 7 has a bad hair day once in a while, as she confesses in the article. Accepting our hair as it is each day is a good lesson for rolling with the ups and downs of life. We welcome a new outlook where different or new is not always a bad thing. 

3. There’s No Such Thing As Perfect

No matter who you are or what your beauty regimen looks like, there’s no such thing as the perfect hair, natural or not. By refusing to accept a narrow definition of beauty, we can redefine it while simultaneously changing opinions in a positive, impactful way. 

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful, and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is helping redefine natural beauty and what that means to the world. To explore the glorious redefinition of beauty with the foremost natural hair care experts in West Chester, OH, call Treasured Locks at (513) 759-2206 or visit their website. For more inspiring African-American hair care and beauty stories and tips, like them on Facebook


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