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A New Haven Mechanic Offers 5 Signs You Need Auto Repairs January 11, 2017

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A New Haven Mechanic Offers 5 Signs You Need Auto Repairs, New Haven, Connecticut

Cars are complicated machines, and it can be difficult for people who aren’t trained mechanics to diagnose the problems that arise. Fortunately, professional auto repair shops do a great job keeping your vehicle on the road. However, it still takes some savvy to know when to bring your car in for service.

The Tire Doctor in New Haven, Connecticut, is versed in more than just tires. In nearly a decade of business, they’ve established themselves as a trusted general auto repair shop for area residents. Below, they highlight just a few signs of car trouble to help you recognize when you need auto repairs.

5 Signs You Need Auto Repairs

1. Smoke

Your car makes exhaust regularly, of course, but it should never be in the form of thick, sooty smoke. Cold weather might make an older car emit white smoke from the tailpipe for a few moments after starting, but thick, dark smoke during normal operation is a definite sign of a combustion problem. Smoke from under the hood is equally troubling, as this is usually a sign of overheating, which can damage your engine severely.

2. Sluggish Or Halting Response

If your car suddenly has trouble performing, you’ve likely got a problem. Sputtering starts, frequent stalls, and a general lack of power are all signs of a serious malfunction your mechanic should examine.

3. Check Engine Light Comes On

Auto repairIt can be tempting to ignore the check engine light. After all, some cars seem to continue to perform well for months or even years with the dashboard indicator lit. However, the check engine light is always a sign something’s gone wrong with one of the many systems your car’s computer monitors. And a rapidly flashing light typically means you should seek auto repairs right away.

4. Leaks

Any heavy leaks you notice coming from under your car are a sign of trouble as well. Your car’s systems are all designed to circulate various fluids in closed systems and ideally shouldn’t leak or burn any oil, coolant, brake fluid, or other liquid.

5. Strange Noises

If your car has developed any unusual noises, you should see a mechanic. Grinding or squealing when stopping likely mean a problem with the brakes, and an odd droning while driving may be a failing differential. Knocking noises from the engine could be an issue with the engine bearings.

While it pays to recognize signs of trouble, most people still need the help of a trusted local auto repair shop to actually address any issues. In New Haven, that shop is The Tire Doctor at 470 Ella T. Grasso Boulevard. Visit their website to find out more, or call (203) 787-1281 today to schedule an auto service appointment.

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