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Ohio’s Top Car Maintenance Service Offers Winter Weather Driving Tips January 10, 2017

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Ohio’s Top Car Maintenance Service Offers Winter Weather Driving Tips, Westlake, Ohio

When the severe winter weather arrives and snow and ice begin to accumulate on the roads, it’s best for drivers to stay home as much as possible. However, while keeping off the streets may be the ideal route to take, it’s not always an option, so if you find yourself having to brave the challenging conditions, you should know what to do to stay safe behind the wheel. Superlube Complete Car Care offers northern Ohio residents high-quality car maintenance services from trained and skilled technicians who are committed to keeping vehicles performing at optimal levels.

Below, these professionals provide some tips for navigating the roads in adverse weather:

  • Winterize Your Vehicle: The first thing you want to do is make sure your vehicle is winterized and able to handle the treacherous conditions of the season. Specific car maintenance tasks include checking and servicing the tires, radiator, belts and hoses, battery, brakes, heater/defroster system, and windshield wipers. 
  • car maintenancePrepare Before You Leave: Before you drive away, all snow and ice should be completely cleared from the hood, roof, windows, lights, and trunk of your vehicle. Failing to do so can obstruct your vision while driving. In addition, put an emergency kit in the car, as well as blankets and a fully charged phone.
  • Reduce Your Speed: Regardless of the speed limit, your speed should be reduced to adjust for the weather and road conditions. Give yourself additional time to reach your destination, and drive slow enough to allow yourself to make smooth, careful movements as opposed to sudden ones. Abruptly changing lanes, applying the brakes, or taking a curve can lead to skidding.
  • Don’t Accelerate Up Hills: If you must travel up snow-covered hills, get your momentum going before you start. Hitting the gas pedal on an incline is likely to make your wheels spin. Using a lower gear can help you avoid losing traction.

Driving safely in snow and ice requires taking extra precautions, as well as the proper car maintenance services. To make sure your vehicle is ready to take on the winter, contact Superlube Complete Car Care at (440) 937-4322, or visit them online to schedule an appointment to bring your vehicle in. 

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