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The Secrets Behind Making the Best Fresh Pasta January 11, 2017

Glenbrook, Stamford
The Secrets Behind Making the Best Fresh Pasta, Stamford, Connecticut

There’s something so decadent about fresh pasta, whether it comes in the form of pillowy ravioli, slurp-worthy spaghetti, or “al dente” penne. But what goes into making the perfect pasta? Hope Pizza Restaurant is here to explain the process. The pizza restaurant in Stamford, CT, has a menu full of tasty salads, pasta, grinders, and sandwiches on offer.

Here’s what’s behind the best fresh pasta: 

  • pastaSimple Ingredients: Pasta’s delicate flavor and texture might seem complicated, but it’s the result of just a few simple ingredients. Every type of pasta has two main ingredients: flour and water. This creates gluten, which gives pasta its elastic-like texture. Some pastas also include eggs, which add protein and make the noodles a little less sticky. 
  • Careful Preparation: The biggest influence on delicious fresh pasta is the preparation method. Talented chefs knead pasta by hand, a technique that allows them to feel how moist the dough is and make adjustments accordingly. The dough is then left to rest and rolled out into thin sheets before being cut into the desired size and shape. 
  • Rapid Boiling: While dry pasta takes up to 12 minutes to cook, fresh pasta is boiled to perfection in two minutes or less. The key is to use salted water, which raises the boiling temperature and seasons the pasta. Once it’s cooked to al dente, it’s drained and served promptly. 

Hope Pizza Restaurant takes pride in creating the most delicious pasta in Stamford, CT. To make a reservation at the pizza restaurant, call (203) 325-0660. You can also like them on Facebook

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