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Raccoon Control: How the Sneaky Creatures Gain Access to Your Home January 11, 2017

Cleves, Miami
Raccoon Control: How the Sneaky Creatures Gain Access to Your Home, Miami, Ohio

The sounds of scurrying and other strange movements in an attic is enough to worry any homeowner. The noises probably are caused by a clever raccoon that has made its way inside your house. The wildlife removal professionals at A.S.A.P. Critter People in Cleves, OH, have a proven raccoon control program to safely and quickly remove the creatures from homes.

How do raccoons get inside houses in the first place? It all starts with their motivations: Females tend to look for warm, covered places to give birth to their babies, and attics and chimneys are perfect spots.

Raccoons seek holes or gaps to burrow their way into buildings. Areas around gutters or roofs make good entry points because there’s usually enough wiggle room for raccoons to enter. Missing metal flashing and shingles or damage caused by falling tree branches allow the animals to tear back wood and other materials to gain access. Raccoon control includes identifying your home’s weak spots and sealing them.

Raccoon control Cleves OHOnce inside, raccoons usually will stick around until their babies are born, which typically occurs between March and May. On average, raccoons have a litter of 2–5 babies once a year. Imagine lying awake at night listening to the rustling and scratching sounds coming from a mother raccoon and her cubs!

A.S.A.P. Critter People’s raccoon control program offers peace of mind. A licensed and professional technician will arrive at your home to pinpoint the animals’ location and remove them safely with humane traps. Vent guards and chimney caps can be installed to prevent raccoons and other wildlife from entering your house, and A.S.A.P. Critter People even offers warranties ranging from one year to a lifetime.

Don’t spend another restless night wondering if raccoons have taken over your attic — A.S.A.P. Critter People is your source for raccoon control and removal in southwestern Ohio. They're fully insured and licensed by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Wildlife, so you know you’ll get safe and effective animal removal services. Call (513) 941-0258 to request a quote, and visit their website for more information about the company.

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