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Why Brooklyn's Best Sign Company Only Uses Top-Quality Vinyl for Vehicle Wraps January 12, 2017

East New York, Brooklyn
Why Brooklyn's Best Sign Company Only Uses Top-Quality Vinyl for Vehicle Wraps, Brooklyn, New York

When it comes to advertising a small business, the most effective medium may not be a billboard or a radio feature. Instead, you may find the most success by covering your work truck or car with an eye-catching vehicle wrap. For businesses that are regularly in transit while carrying out their work, making your vehicle a mobile billboard is one of the best ways to let the world know that your company is both reputable and reliable.

DTM Signs and Truck Wraps is South Brooklyn’s most trusted sign company. They provide graphic design, high-quality storefront decals, and vehicle wraps to New York businesses in Coney Island, Brighton Beach, and Sheepshead Bay, as well as throughout Brooklyn. They take pride, not only in their craft, but in the quality of materials they use. Below, they explain why they only work with top-grade commercial vinyl on their custom signs and vehicle wraps.

Vehicle Wraps & Vinyl Quality

Even the strongest branding and graphic design projects can start to look shabby as surfaces fade and tear. A reputable sign company that performs vehicle wraps will want their customers to be satisfied with their branding investments for the long term. By using high-quality vinyl, DTM Signs and Truck Wraps ensures that their work will be able to stand up to even the most unforgiving elements on the streets of New York City. The quality of these materials gives customers ample time before they need to think about replacing their vehicle wraps.

Vehicle wrapVehicle Wrap Care

Once installed by careful technicians, a vehicle wrap that is made of top quality vinyl can be cared for essentially the same way that you’d care for a regular paint job. Experts recommend caring for your wrap by hand washing it, and avoiding certain products, like carnauba wax. Otherwise, a high-quality vinyl wrap should be treated the same way you’d treat the paint on an ordinary car.

Vinyl Durability

Even with top-quality commercial vinyl and professional printing, how long your vehicle wrap lasts can depend on many factors. Horizontal surfaces, for example, tend to suffer more from sun exposure, while perforated window graphics can be more susceptible to the elements. On your car’s vertical surfaces, a well cared for graphic vehicle wrap on high-quality vinyl can last five to seven years.

To get the best advertising solution for your small Brooklyn business, turn to DTM Signs and Vehicle Wraps. Their skilled graphic design department will help you decide how to make the best statement for your brand, and their professional staff will install an eye-catching, durable vehicle wrap. Visit them online to find out more or call (347) 312-5488 to ask for an estimate.

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