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Property Insurance Specialists’ Top Tips for Preventing Home Ice Damage January 16, 2020

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Property Insurance Specialists’ Top Tips for Preventing Home Ice Damage, Willimantic, Connecticut

With winter in full swing, your home is vulnerable to damage from ice and cold. The property insurance agents at K.L. Smith Agency LLC in Willimantic, CT have seen it all when it comes to winter damage to homes and businesses. Here, they give their top tips for preventing ice damage to your home, helping you avoid having to file a claim with your property or renter’s insurance provider.

  • Let Snow Stay: Unless you have a flat roof that will be damaged by snow, let snow stay on the roof. Constantly removing it every time it snows can damage your shingles. Also, using rock salt or other ice melting chemicals can weaken your roof, so avoid using them to remove built up snow or ice.
  • Keep Attics Cold: Installing heaters in attics can cause snow and ice to melt, dripping down your roof and re-freezing near the roof’s edge and on top of gutters. These “ice dams” can case major damage and result in property-insurance-snow-damageyou having to call your property insurance company to open a claim. Letting attics stay chilly prevents excessive snow melt.
  • Seal & Insulate: With proper insulation, warmth from inside the house will remain there and prevent extra melting of snow that has accumulated on your roof.
  • Chip Away Ice Dams: If an ice dam forms, chip away at it carefully chunk-by-chunk. Be careful not to use a sharp tool that could damage your roof if you miss! Some property insurance policies might not reimburse you for damage you cause yourself.
  • Install a Membrane: A special water-resistant membrane should be installed in your roof to help prevent water from getting in. This is useful in the warm months as well, but also makes a big difference when your roof undergoes the stress of melting snow and ice.

Of course, when these prevention steps fail, it’s time to file a property insurance claim. In addition to homeowners and renter’s insurance, K.L. Smith Agency LLC in Willimantic, CT provides life and car insurance as well. Call them today at (860) 423-9294 for a quote, or visit their website to see their full list of services.

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