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3 Kinds of Exercises to Help You Rehabilitate After a Sports Injury January 11, 2017

Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
3 Kinds of Exercises to Help You Rehabilitate After a Sports Injury, Cincinnati, Ohio

When you’re rehabilitating after a sports injury, managing pain can be difficult. However, the chiropractic doctors at The Chiropractic & Sports Injury Center of Cincinnati can help you find relief and restore your health. Their skilled sports physicians and chiropractic experts will devise a plan for your specific condition, including rehabilitation exercises that help you recover from back pain, neck pain, and other injuries that hinder your lifestyle.

3 Types Of Rehabilitation Exercises For Recovering From Sports Injuries

Cincinnati, OH sports injuryEndurance

As major proponents of physical fitness, the chiropractic physicians at The Chiropractic & Sports Injury Center of Cincinnati recommend endurance exercises to improve your overall health and stamina. These exercises may include walking, jogging, and swimming, and they’re ideal for individuals in cardiac rehab because they build cardiovascular health, decrease blood pressure, and reduce cholesterol.


Improving flexibility is a primary goal of rehabilitation, helping those whose sports injuries cause back pain, neck pain, or leg pain. By stretching and loosening muscles, these exercises improve range of motion and may prevent a recurrence of the injury. 


Rehabilitation exercises that focus on your center of gravity can make an enormous difference in your day-to-day functions. Balance exercises during rehab are helpful not only for individuals recovering from a sports injury but those who have been in an accident or bedridden for an extended time. Individuals whose ability to walk is impaired also will gain improved coordination from balance exercises.

If you’re dealing with a sports injury or experiencing chronic pain, a chiropractic doctor can help. Call The Chiropractic & Sports Injury Center of Cincinnati at (513) 677-2200 to schedule an appointment. Visit their website to learn more about their services, including back pain treatment.

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