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The Importance of Having an Experienced DUI Defense Attorney January 6, 2017

Anchorage, Anchorage County
The Importance of Having an Experienced DUI Defense Attorney, Anchorage, Alaska

Defending a DUI case can be expensive, but being found guilty costs even more. Because of this, if you are facing DUI/DWI charges, you need experienced legal representation. The Law Office of Philip Shanahan in Anchorage, AK, want you to understand why it's important to have an experienced defense attorney representing you when defending a DUI, OUI or DWI case. This seasoned attorney is devoted to representing people facing all criminal charges, and especially DUI or OUI charges.  

Here’s why it’s important to have an experienced criminal defense attorney when you face DUI, OUI or DWI charges. 

  • Knowledge Of Justice System: The criminal justice system is complex, and the laws can change with a court decision or passage of new legislation. Having an attorney who knows the system and keeps up with changes in the laws is crucial when you face DUI charges.
  • DUI-Anchorage-AKKnowledge Of The Prosecutor: Prosecutors are well-trained, well-financed, and devoted to getting convictions in DUI cases. When your lawyer knows the individuals involved in prosecuting your case, is experienced in defending these cases, and is devoted to serving your interests, your chances of winning your case can increase considerably.
  • Knowledge Of Defenses: In Alaska, the average cost of a first DUI is more than $24,000, not including legal fees. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney raise arguments that can result in dismissal or reduction of the charges saves both money and time. A good DUI defense attorney knows how to challenge the validity of field sobriety tests (SFSTs) and the accuracy of blood, breath, or urine test results. 

The DUI attorney at the Law Office of Philip Shanahan is passionate about defending the rights of people charged with DUI. Their training and 20 years of experience in courts throughout the state make them effective advocates for their clients. You can count on their devotion to your interests and their hard work for a positive outcome.

If you face DUI, OUI or DWI charges, turn to the experienced criminal defense attorney at the Law Office of Philip Shanahan in Anchorage, AK. Call (907) 334-3339 for your consultation appointment or visit their website for more information.

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