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3 Tips to Save Money When Buying Organic Food on a Budget January 13, 2017

Byron, Monroe
3 Tips to Save Money When Buying Organic Food on a Budget, Byron, Wisconsin

If you are on a tight budget, you might assume that you can’t afford to buy organic food. But eating these fresh fruits and vegetables doesn’t have to break the bank. Although organic foods can cost nearly 50% more than conventional foods, there are lots of opportunities to stretch your dollar at the grocery store. Eating organic on a budget just requires a little more planning.

3 Tips To Save Money On Organic Food

1. Buy In Bulk

If you can use or store food before it spoils, consider buying it in bulk. Because you aren’t paying for packaging, organic food sold in bulk bins costs less than the exact same items sold in boxes. This is especially true for spices. For example, if organic rosemary from the bulk section costs $17 per pound and the grocery store price is $5 for a .35-ounce jar, you’ll save more than 90% buying in bulkorganic.

2. Clip Coupons

All bargain shoppers are familiar with clipping coupons and shopping sales. Although coupons for organic products aren’t as popular, you can occasionally find high-value savings. Look in your local newspaper or at online sites such as Organic Deals.

3. Prioritize Your Purchases

If you can’t afford for everything in your cart to be organic, then it’s important to prioritize your organic versus conventional purchases. For example, don’t skimp on organic milk and dairy because conventional products are more likely to have higher risks of exposure to pesticides, antibiotics, and cancer-causing growth hormones. Another money-saving trick is to reduce the amount of organic meat you use by substituting half of the portion with beans.


At Cranberry Country Market, you can find fresh, organic, and affordable food for your whole family. Located in Monroe County, Wisconsin, one of the nation's biggest cranberry producers, this family-owned and -operated market makes eating organic on a budget easy. For more information about this country store in Tomah, visit the website or call (608) 374-4944.

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