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How to Keep Your New Year's (Dental) Resolutions January 10, 2017

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How to Keep Your New Year's (Dental) Resolutions, Fairbanks, Alaska

Do you have a dental-related New Year’s resolution for 2017? If you want to improve your oral health, there are a variety of ways the team at Four Corners Dental Group Fairbanks recommends you stay on top of your dental goals for the year. Whether it’s a teeth cleaning, exploring dental veneers or implants, or finding an emergency dentist for the athlete in your family, follow our tips below to make your dental goals a reality. 

Staying On Top Of Dental Resolutions 

Define Goals For Your Family

The first step of keeping on top of dental resolutions is to establish your family’s goals. Start with the basics. Each member of your family needs routine preventative dental care, including teeth cleaning and X-rays. If you’re not already getting in this type of care, make the appointment with the dentist right away.

fairbanks-dental-servicesNext, determine which cosmetic or non-routine goals your family has this year. Has your husband been putting off the replacement of a lost tooth? Have you wished for new dentures all year long? Make a dental wish list, and bring it to your next appointment for a custom consultation. 

Find Strength In Numbers 

Once you determine the procedures you need, see if your dental insurance covers them. In some cases, you may have to pay for services out of pocket. Your insurance company can provide you with multiple strategies to pay for your preventative or restorative care, which will help you plan for the year. 

Support Your Dental Care

While we can assist you with gentle, expert treatment, you can support these efforts by avoiding sugary foods and beverages, drinking plenty of water, and flossing your teeth every time you brush. Let 2017 be a year of better at-home oral care, including using mouth guards during sports and replacing your toothbrush once the bristles become frayed.

For quality dental care in Fairbanks, AK, call Four Corners Dental Group Fairbanks at (907) 479-7771. For more information about our preventative and restorative dentistry services, visit our website

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