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What to Look for in Rental Car Companies January 11, 2017

Oakview - Blackburn, Ashland
What to Look for in Rental Car Companies, Ashland, Kentucky

Whether you’re in need of a rental car for business, a vacation, or an emergency, you’ll need to locate reliable companies with a history of excellent customer service. The experienced team at Ashland Auto Sales & Rental, serving Boyd County, KY, can help you find the perfect vehicle for your needs.

When you’re navigating rental car companies to find the best options, here are some things to consider:

  • Selection & Availability: Does the rental car company have a variety of different sizes and models to choose from in their inventory? What is the condition and age of the vehicles? Look for a company with a broad range of vehicles that are well taken care of; this ensures the business is reliable and you’ll have a good experience.
  • Ashland Auto Sales Rental car companiesCustomer Service: Does the rental car company have a track record for providing excellent customer service? Check reviews to see how well-received the company is. Service is important, both in terms of answering your questions and assisting you with making the right choice in car. Do your homework and look them up on Yelp or Google to see how customers feel about their experience with each company.
  • Rates: Does the company charge a fair price for car rentals? Are there any hidden fees? Look for a rental car service that doesn’t hide fees in the fine print or charge you extra fees for protections you don’t need. Typically, renting a car at a location other than an airport terminal will yield cost savings, so shop around for the best rate.
  • Hours Of Operation: When comparing rental car companies, check their hours. If they close early on weekends, for example, and that’s when you need to rent the vehicle, you may want to look at another company that best fits your scheduling needs.

It’s important to make informed decisions when you rent a car by researching companies carefully, comparing prices, and reading reviews. The Ashland Auto Sales & Rental staff are happy to answer any questions you may have about their fleet and rates, and they boast a large inventory of vehicles to suit your specific needs. Call them at (606) 324-1644 or visit them online to reserve your car today.