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3 Tree Maintenance Tips to Keep Them Strong & Healthy January 10, 2017

Broken Arrow, Tulsa County
3 Tree Maintenance Tips to Keep Them Strong & Healthy, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Healthy trees provide shade and beautify your property, while sick or weak trees pose a risk to your roof, your car, and the safety of your whole family. Luckily, mature trees can get along without a great deal of help, according to the tree maintenance experts at D & S Tree Service in Broken Arrow, OK. As they explain, good tree care is more about protecting the plants from harm.

3 Maintenance Tips For Strong & Healthy Trees

1. Go Easy On The Fertilizer

For the first four or five years, some trees will need a little fertilizer and water, especially at the beginning of the growing season. However, mature trees usually don't need much help and can be seriously damaged by too much fertilizer. In general, the best thing you can do for a healthy tree is to lay down a three-foot circle of mulch around the trunk and avoid excessive water.

2. Be Careful Where You Dig

A tree's root system can extend two to three times farther than the branches, so even construction projects on the other side of the yard can weaken or kill your tree. Be extremely careful where you dig, and avoid laying pavement over the roots themselves. An important part of tree maintenance is keeping the soil from compacting, which can starve the plant of vital oxygen and water.

3. Be Careful With The Lawn Maintenance

tree maintenanceTrees seem strong and sturdy, and many people don't give bark damage a second thought. Unfortunately, a moment's carelessness with an edge or weed-wacker can chip enough of the bark away to let disease or parasites in, which could spell the death of your tree, exposing you to potentially hazardous situations.

D & S Tree Service prides themselves on having the years of experience and specialized skills to ensure that your trees stay healthy and beautiful for years to come. Visit their website to learn more about their wide range of tree maintenance services today, or call (918) 200-8937 to request a quote.