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3 Headshot Session Clothing Tips for Success January 10, 2017

Long Island City, Queens
3 Headshot Session Clothing Tips for Success, Queens, New York

Quality headshots can make a huge impression at your next audition. Present yourself professionally with photos that convey your image and talents with headshots taken by the talented photographer at Isaiah Tanenbaum Photography in Long Island City, NY.

While you’ll be in very capable hands with Isaiah Tanenbaum Photography, you may wonder what to wear to your headshot session. Great headshots are the total package, including the clothing choices you make. Follow these guidelines for success:


Don’t commit to just one outfit for your headshot; rather, bring a few different options to change into for a variety of looks and poses. Choose a selection of shirts with different collars and necklines, avoiding anything too low cut. You may also want the option of casual, professional, and dressier outfits, all of which are comfortable and fit well. 


HeadshotSolid colors typically display better in photos than busy patterns and prints that can be distracting. Additionally, choose colors that complement your skin tone and eye color, paying attention not to match your skin color too closely or select colors that will make your face look washed out.


Though the focus of a headshot is your face, wear dark pants or jeans on the bottom in the event that your lower half is part of the photo. Women can switch things up with a skirt or dress for something different.

Making the best wardrobe choices for your headshot session is an important factor of the photo shoot. A professional headshot from Isaiah Tanenbaum Photography can bring your personality to life and bring out your best to suit the roles you’re auditioning for. Call them at (917) 692-5737 to schedule an appointment or visit them online for more information.